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    100s of Blockchains. Just one book.



    The Project

    If there were a definitive book that showcased the hundreds of different blockchain projects and the solutions they offer, wouldn't that be an essential resource for industry, government, and the ecosystem?
    And, even more, wouldn't you want your blockchain project to be included?
    Book of Blockchain is that book.

    The key to widespread adoption of blockchain is awareness and knowledge. Blockchain isn't just about Bitcoin and there are real world projects out there right now making real world impacts.


    The Book of Blockchain provides information about the diverse blockchain industry in a condensed format, including what blockchain solutions are available, what stage they are at, and whom to contact to learn more in a way that's ideal for potential stakeholders looking for business ready solutions.


    The purpose of Book of Blockchain is to foster partnership and collaboration within the blockchain ecosystem, and also make it easier for industry, government, and organisations to find the blockchain solutions they require at the stage of development that is a match for their needs.

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  • Meet the Editor

    Akasha Indream: +20 years publishing and communications experience.


    Akasha Indream is an experienced international blockchain corporate strategy advisor and communications specialist working across multiple projects in the industry and best known as founder of Telegram's largest private women in blockchain group WIBI.io. She received honours in both Laws and Creative Writing at university and has decades of writing and editing experience.

    Connect on LinkedIn or book a Consultation on Calendly.

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  • FAQ

    Need to know more?

    Where will the book be published?

    We will publish the book online at all major online book stores, and also make copies available as print on demand books from major stores online.

    How will the funding be used?

    Publishing books is time intensive & costly. Our funding ensures high quality presentation & adequate editorial time to ensure superior production quality.

    How will the book be marketed?

    Once the pages are fully reserved, and the book published, we will market the book across online social platforms and digital marketing.

    Can I get my own copies of the book?

    Yes you can! When the book has been published online, you will receive a link to download the book. You can also purchase print on demand copies if required.

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The contact information you provide will not be given or sold to third parties.

Reserving pages in the book does not guarantee publication. The editors reserve the right to reject an application to be published and issue a refund. 

Should the book fail to be published by March 1 2019, all payments made to reserve pages will be refunded within 14 days.

The editors make no promises that the content in the book will be correct at time of publication, or that it will exactly reflect the information provided to us by the project. However, should any error be brought to the attention of the editors, we will make efforts to rectify the error in 7 days.

For further information please contact info@bookofblockchain.com